Boat Tour 3D/2N
This 3 days trip that is perfect for people interested in seeing as much as possible of the Amazon exploring the rivers and creeks. This Boat tour its done navigating mainly through the Negro river and for this tour we can use a regional boat of two floors with accommodations being in hammocks at the upper deck or can use a boat with accommodations in Cabins with beds and with air conditioning. 

A visit to the meeting of the waters (the point where the Negro river meet the Solimões river) piranha fishing, see the sunset and sunrise, Swim with dolphin, Alligator spotting at night, jungle trekking, canoeing through the flooded forest in the rainy season and visit to some local families. 

Trip Itinerary;

Day one: At 8:30am you are picked up at hotel to begins the Boat tour. First you are taken to the Port behing the Mucipal Market (Ajato Port). Around 9am the Boat departure to the meeting of the Waters. From the meeting of the Waters, the boat goes to the Janauari Park where a canoe trip through the flooded forest will be done and will visit the local families who live in the floating houses. At their house, it will be possible to see animals as sloths, snakes and monkeys. The Canoeing its only done when the water level its high.

In the afternoon the Boat will navigate the negro river for about 3 hours to a certain place where the first night will be spend.

Day Two: At 5:30am the group will leave by canoe for a short trip to see the Sunrise and for Bird watching, returning to the Boat around 6:45am.

At 7am breakfast is served and after the breakfast, the group will depature for the jungle trekking and this will finish around 11:30am. During the trekking the guide will explain about the forest, about medicinal plants, how to survive in the forest, how to find food and water. There is Also chance to see spiders (tarantura) and some other important plant or insect from the área.

After lunch the group will have a little break anda round 2:45pm the group will departure by canoe for piranha fishing, this will takes around 1,5 hour. After fishing, group will make a little canoe trip in that área and will return to the boat after seen the sunset which is around 6:30pm. At 7:30pm the dinner is served and after the dinner, they will leave again for the alligátor spotting. During this activity, the tour guide grab by hand a small alligator (Cayman) and will explain about this famous and dangerous animal from the lakes. After this activity, the group will return to the Boat. 

Day Three: After breakfast, the group will visit some local families to see and learn about their simple and fantastic way of living in the Amazon forest. After visiting the local people, the boat will move to another place where the group will have the opportunity to swim with the Pink Dolphins, great chance to see, to touch and for pictures with this animal. From there, the boat will head to a Beach where the lunch will be served and at this beach the guest will have a little time for swimming and from there they will begin the journey back to Manaus reaching the city around 5pm. 

Getting to the city, While on the way you stop to visit to the local people you have the chance to learn about their simple way of life. Then you continue on your journey to Manaus getting there at about 5pm. Getting back to the city, transfer to the hotel and the tour its over.